Punch-Laser Combination

The combination machine, LC-2012 C1 NT, offers innovative press and laser technology with a small footprint. By combining the laser with semi-flying optics and by incorporating the servo-electrical press drive we are able to achieve an up to now unrivaled degree of flexibility and energy efficiency for this class.

Depending on which procedure is more profitable, parts are either pressed with 200 kN or cut with a laser output rating of 2500 Watt. Using the laser unit eliminates the need for special tools, considerably reducing manufacturing costs - even for small lot sizes or one-piece flow production systems.

LC-2012 C1 NT

The AMNC-control - by now integrated into almost all technological sectors at AMADA - offers the highest ease of use and the option to link one AMADA machine to another.

Even small footprint modular automation is possible: Only 52 m² are sufficient for integrated sorting of the components with a conveyer belt, and only approx. 60 m² are needed in total for a fully automated material feeding system including waste material disposal.